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We have temporarily turned off our Shopping Cart. The current state of the State of the Industry has Production and Shipping still at a fairly slow pace and inventory is improving day by day but due to the “In Stock” items being very hard to predict it will be best for you to just send us an email or a text letting us know what you want so we can check availability and pricing and quickly get back to you. Basically every vendor is having to increase pricing or place “hopefully temporary” surcharges on components and even shipping. We are not even trying to keep up with the new MSRP numbers here on the website as they will continue to fluctuate. Fire Magic has all new pricing. This will get better once the Biden administration is removed from the White House and that day is coming, just not soon enough.

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We are your Local Source for Grill, Outdoor Kitchen Installation as well as Online Sales of American Made Grills and Components.

As far as the Online Sales of Grills and Components we have Very Competitive Pricing and Ship to You for Free and do Local Deliveries in Person in the San Tan Valley or Phoenix Areas.
You will Get Personalized Service when Communicating with us to Determine Your Specialized Project Requirements. We are here to help you. We are the owners.
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Providers of American Made Outdoor Grills, BBQ Islands, Fire & Metal Structures

Fire Magic -Aurora Series | A790i Built-In Grill


With an extensive product line, versatile cooking options, extreme durability and superior design innovations, Fire Magic® is the finest performing grill on the market and a shining centerpiece for a great life shared with family and friends.

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With its creative Multi-Fuel Tray System, grilling with any combination of solid fuels places innovation in the chef’s hands. Offering a robust 110,000 BTUs of grilling horsepower, take advantage of the convenience of gas or simply use it to ignite those solid fuels in seconds.

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style and excellence

American Outdoor Grills are made with a stylish sleek appearance. The rounded hood and contoured face feature a satin finish. The AOG grill is constructed from the finest commercial-grade stainless steel and features a large cooking surface with stainless steel rod cooking grids.

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Charcoal Grills

High performance charcoal grills are available in a variety of models including Built-In, Portable, Post Mount and Drop-In. Fire Magic® delivers quality and style to the charcoal grill enthusiast.

Fire Magic helps you elevate your outdoor grill into a beautiful, complete, high-performing outdoor kitchen, with accessories that do it all. There’s nothing you can’t do better and easier with Fire Magic accessories.

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Fire Magic Drop-In Ice Chest

ICE CHESTs - ice makers

If you are going to be cycling a lot of drinks thru your cooler an Ice Chest may be your coldest option. The Fire Magic High Capacity Ice Maker with one or two Drop-In Ice Sinks are a great way to keep drinks ice cold all day long.

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Doors and Drawers

Keep your barbecue tools, sauces, spices and other useful grilling necessities close at hand with Fire Magic’s doors and drawers. Designed to coordinate with Fire Magic grills and accessories. Our doors and drawers are each beautifully designed to complement our Echelon and Aurora Grills.

The contemporary look brings tasteful richness to your outside oasis while providing an efficient way to add storage and functionality.

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for Outdoor Grills, Islands, Fire Structures and Components

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We are still adding products to this site daily and will continue to grow the inventory but we are able to get you anything you need right now from the Fire Magic, American Outdoor Grill and the American Muscle Line of Grills. There are some inventory shortages still until we get past this China Virus thing that is messing up manufacturing in California and transportation/shipping from there.

We take most major credit cards online or over the phone and deliver locally in the San Tan Valley or Phoenix AZ areas or ship to you free or if you want your order put on will call in the South Phoenix Distribution Center we can set that up for you as well.

We are a local installation contractor with access to these great products and now we are making them available to you at great prices but we do not have the time or resources to carry all of the little replacement parts and maintenance items for the grills if that is what you are looking for. There is plenty of that all over the internet. We will however give you great components and great service at competitive pricing and once you are our customer we will of course take care of your parts or warranty needs.

Best Online Experience

We try to keep your shopping experience free from all the busy clutter and “in your face” upsell effort as possible. We will at certain points show you compatible items that may better complete your purchase. You will never have to put up with a Chat App Popup coming at you on every page with some helper bot asking how they can help. We do absolutely encourage you to call us or better yet send us a text or email message with your questions or concerns. If you send us a message we will have a chance to address questions about availability, shipping etc and then we can call you right back with your answers. 

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American Made Products

As mentioned we only sell U.S. Made products. We do not want any part of funneling hard earned U.S. Dollars to China.

If you are only concerned about cost you may want to go look at this 3rd Party Product Review of the many brands available before you make a decision on a cheap grill or component:

We Do Local Delivery - We are only set up to do Warranty, Service or Repairs on what we install.

In the San Tan Valley of Arizona we are a licensed contractor that can do any type of Fire Feature/Structure that you would need if you are in this area. We are a B-4 General Residential Engineering Contractor. We can take care of not only any type of installation, but can run your gas and electrical lines to power your project. We were originally and we still are a pool builder. We can do pretty much as little or as much as you need. This website focuses on Outdoor Grills, Fire Places and Fire Pits, everything fire.

Arizona Distribution Center

We have a full Distribution Center we pull from so we do online sales of those components listed above. We do however only sell certain lines of U.S. Made products with FireMagic, American Outdoor Grills made by Fire Magic and the American Muscle Grills being our primary and preferred offering.

If you want any items made in China you have the entire internet at your disposal. We can still part as friends.

We do not offer all of the random parts that you may need for your grills and other components. There is more than enough of that already available to you online. We just have this great line of grills and fireplace components available to us as contractors at a low enough cost that we are able to pass them on to you at very competitive pricing and even shipped to you at no additional cost to Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We will of course take care of your parts or warranty issues on anything you purchase from us.

Free Shipping to Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico

We always ship for free to Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We can ship to any U.S. location but may charge a little extra depending on where you are at. If you are in our local San Tan Valley or Phoenix AZ area we may deliver directly to you in person or we can set up a “Will Call” Order if you want to just go grab it from our South Phoenix Distribution Center. Stocked items get shipped from the distribution center the same day it’s ordered or the or the next day as long as the items are currently in stock.

With the economy booming as it has been it has been very busy for more than a year along with the China virus fiasco many items normally always in stock have been ending up on back order but this will end soon.

Please Contact Us With Questions

We encourage you to have a little conversation with us before you purchase if you have any questions about your purchase or product options or availability. Send us a note of what you are looking at, what you are hoping to accomplish, where you are located, and we can check availability and get back to you right away and have a quick talk to complete your order or answer any of your questions.

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B-4 General Residential Engineering Contractor

This classification allows the licensee to construct and repair of appurtenances to residential structures. Work related to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, boilers, and water wells must be subcontracted to an appropriately licensed contractor.

This scope includes the CR-21, B-5, and all B-4R sub-classifications.