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As you shop for your grill and barbecue components we know that you are going to do a decent amount of research to determine the absolute best brand and components for your project. So we have put together a nice collection of informational documents including our GRADUATED DISCOUNT POLICY that you can Download Below in order to help you in your efforts.


When you Click the “Download PDF’s” link below we provide you with the Fire Magic & AOG Grill 2020 MSRP Pricing and Components List, Fire Magic Spec Sheet (Cutout Dimensions), 3rd Party Grill and Fireplace Review, our Graduated Discount Policy (the more items you purchase the bigger your discount percentage increases).

The Pricing and Components List is to help you accurately sort out all of your options.

We also know that when you put a decent sized grill project together that all of those components add up to a significant dollar amount and we want to work with you as much as we’re able to enable you to get your project completed as affordably as possible so you can get moving on your amazing grilling experience and that is why we provide you with our Graduated Discount Policy.

You will also find the 3rd Party Grill Reviews very helpful as you do your due diligence shopping the multitude of brands. This Review is done by a big Southern California Company that for many years has done sales, service and warranty work on just about every brand out there. You have a vast amount of brands to choose from, many of which are of very low quality. And if you are not looking to spend much money and just looking for a freestanding Portable BBQ then you can just buy a cheap grill every few years for the cost of one of these high quality grills but if you are buying components to go into a built in structure you are never going to want to have to replace those. You will probably want to put much better quality products into a permanent home improvement project.

See the Review so you aren’t just relying on what we are saying. We have no relationship with the company, we just stumbled across this review online and found it very interesting and informative. Go ahead and get Signed Up below for our email Notifications. We will be offering special discount offers that are lower than we are allowed to advertise online by the manufacturers.


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